Learn How to Make DIY Ejuice at Home?

DIY Ejuice

This video below will teach you exactly how to Make DIY Ejuice simply and easily at home.  Be creative and save a lot of cash as you embark on this new adventure.

DIY Ejuice





Don’t worry!  Have some fun creating your own blends of ejuice or try to re-create some of your favorite ejuice flavors.

E Juice and E Liquid Flavors

People are always asking what is vaping all about? Can vaping actually help you quit smoking cigarettes? The answer is yes all around. Vaping was invented in China many years ago and slowly made itself to the United States and other countries. People who Vape use a product called e liquid that is a all natural substance that contains both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and flavorings and nicotine.

virgin vapor

There are plenty of flavors to choose from and just as many Vape lounges all across the world. Manufacturers of this e liquid, mainly in the United States, come from California. One of which is called Virgin vapor that is an all natural and organic option. Another one that is phenomenal is from Craft vapery. Both of these are very popular and you can find them in pretty much any of the vape stores around.

craft vapery

Much has been said about the health factors involving this new phenomena. Scientists and the federal government have been trying to figure out just how safe this option is. They have been unable to find any concrete evidence that shows that it is worse than smoking. Most Vapors can attest that as a result of stopping smoking cigarettes they’re health and well-being has increased significantly. cuttwood e juiceAnother great flavor is from Cuttwood E Juice.  They sleep better at night, wake up better in the morning, feel more refreshed and have more energy throughout the day and of course food taste better.

If you currently have a nasty tobacco addiction and want to stop then you might want to consider this amazing relatively new alternative to smoking. It’s actually becoming quite popular in all social sets. Social Clubs and groups are popping up all over the place as well as vaping takes the World by storm. Big tobacco obviously hates vaping because it’s taking a big chunk of their revenues out of their pockets every single day.

If you’re interested in more information about this phenomena all you have to do is search online for a local store in your area or just do some research and watch some videos available on YouTube.

SPX Nutrition As A Home Business

What is SPX nutrition? Is it worthwhile for a business opportunity and can you make money? Will be going over the basics of this business opportunity to see if it’s right for you.

This MLM company launched in 2004 and has been growing exponentially ever since. They carry a line of nutritional supplements that actually work based on the reviews that we have found online. Go to turn this into a business for themselves can do very well in a short period of time.

SPX nutrition product line is quite extensive and has gone through some scientific research. Users of the product continue to reorder on a regular basis. Primarily designed for athletes, anyone can enjoy these products and incorporate them in their daily workout routine. Take a look at this video regarding the business and the opportunity.

If you’re looking to get into this program as a business, SPX nutrition has a impressive Compensation Plan. As with any MLM company, those looking to start a home-based business with SPX nutrition should know how to Market properly and have some MLM or network marketing experience behind their belt.

As with any network marketing opportunity, you must be a Powerhouse marketer and be able to recruit people under you. This opportunity and its followers have a proven success and track record and whoever sponsors you in this endeavor is well-trained and can help you succeed.

Always do your due diligence regarding any new business idea you are thinking on getting involved in.  There are many to choose from, but we have found that this particular company is well worth your time and investment.  Check out the video above and contact the Sponsor of SPX Nutrition so that you might learn a bit more regarding this relatively new opportunity.  Many who have gotten involved have had success in varying levels

States Where Marijuana is Legal Today

There are States where marijuana is legal There are many states that are legalizing marijuana. We at Site Reporter would love to share our findings.  Many of these states are starting the legalization process by allowing the use of medical marijuana for patients who suffer from a varying degree of diseases. These patient are told that the best way to deliver the medicinal properties of the drug is by a Cannabis Vaporizer Unit like The Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci. Some of the same States also allow the use for recreational marijuana. Most of these states have seen a substantial increase in crime Statewide as a result of this legalization.

Many States are now legalizing marijuana for a number of reasons. Here are the States where marijuana is legal.  They are Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, states where marijuana is legalIllinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

Recreational marijuana usage is legal in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.


Unfortunately, in those states where medical marijuana has been legalized, many recreational users are flocking to weed clinics complaining of various medical conditions. They are often awarded a medical marijuana card. This is not a recommended practice. One should wait until that particular State legalizes marijuana for recreational use.

Marijuana used for medicinal purposes has amazing benefits in a host of various conditions. Those patients that use medical marijuana can either smoke the marijuana, they fit in a oil form or use a cannabis vaporizer device.

If you’d watch some of the documentaries on television, you will see countless testimonials of people who have had specific health concerns such as epilepsy find tremendous beneficial results from the use of marijuana and cannabis.  It’s refreshing to see how children with convulsive disorders, that have multiple seizures daily, find medical cannabis and start to see immediate relief.  Chemotherapy patients, who have debilitating nausea and no appetite, find fast relief from most of their horrible side effects.  Studies are coming out daily about the medical benefits of marijuana and how it can help people.  It’s a shame it took this long for the United States for finally realize this.

Make Delicious E Liquids at Home Easily

Make E Liquids At Home – Delicious and Affordable!

I’m sure you’re looking for ideas on how to make e liquids at home. Have you ever gone into your local vape store and got an e-juice flavor that was truly amazing? I mean, you finally found something that is truly an all-day Vape but the only problem is, is that for a 30 milliliter bottle you’re paying $21 to $24 for that bottle. You keep going back and you might get other flavors too but the fact remains the same… you’re paying retail!

That was the problem I had for many years. I would find an e-juice flavor that I really really enjoyed and if I wanted to keep vaping on it I have to go back to the same vape store and pay those high retail prices. So I said to myself, “what if I were able to recreate this exact flavor at home?”. That would be amazing and I would probably save a bunch of money. So I decided to do some research online.

It took me awhile to figure out how to make e liquids at home, but I finally found some videos on the internet precisely on the subject. I started make e liquids at homedoing searches for how to make E liquids at home and other searches in the same genre.

There were literally tons of videos to watch on the subject DIY e-juice.

Some videos are better than others but I was able to narrow it down simply by the quality of the video and the reputation that particular YouTube channel had. If they had a bunch of subscribers, likes and comments I felt pretty safe that this was a great tutorial video. Searching the internet, you can find a ton of stuff on making E Juice in the privacy of your own home and as it turns out, I found recipes online as well where I can literally recreate my favorite flavors easily and affordably.

Now, for literally pennies I can create thirty, sixty or 120 milliliters of my favorite flavors with ease. Sure, I still stop by my local vape store from time to time to see what’s new and exciting in the industry, but when I want to create a lot of my favorite flavors I make my own E Juice at home.  Here is another great resource on how to make e juice .

These DIY e-juice videos also show you where you can purchase all the necessary ingredients and supplies you’ll need to make tremendous tasting flavors. It’s easy to find these types of videos. All you have to do is go to your favorite Search Engine and type in how to make E Juice at home and then click on the YouTube video search results. You’ll have a ton of choices. I usually tend to go with the YouTube search results videos that are on page 1 most particularly the first three videos. That just shows a lot of street cred in the industry.

I posted one of the videos that I particularly enjoy here on this post as it’s one of my absolute favorite flavors and an all-day Vape. Watch this video in its entirety and you’ll see what I mean. This guy’s been creating award-winning E Juice recipes for other manufacturers for years now.  If you are still smoking cigarettes and looking to quit, you might want to read this post here.

I surely hope this post was helpful for you and that this information enhances your vaping life and saves you a bunch of money.

5 Effective Tips to Quit Smoking

Smoking maybe one of your hardest habits to break, if you have ever tried to quit smoking, then you already know this. If you’re a smoker, quitting smoking would be a significant step you could take in your life. You may have known someone that has tried to stop smoking and failed, or you may have even tried to quit smoking yourself. You may have it stuck right in your mind that you’ll never be able to quit, but this is not true at all. There are hundreds if not thousands of people that quit smoking on a daily basis.

Best Tips to Quit Smoking

Below are some of the effective tips that will help you quit smoking.

1. Establish a quit date – Set a date on your calendar in which you are going to Start trying to stop and stick to it! Prepare for that day by trying to make cutbacks. Make the date in the very near future. If the date is too far along, you may lose your motivation to quit. About two weeks is a good quit date to establish. Try smoking one less cigarette during the first week and two less cigarettes during the second week. Therefore, by your third week (start date), you have a little extra already devoted to the hellish journey of quitting forever!

2. Chew gum and eat hard candy – One of the main things you will miss when you stop smoking is the urge to have something in your mouth. Try chewing gum to help overcome this. Candy and gum may not be the healthiest thing to eat, however, versus cigarettes, it’s really not that bad. There are many sugar-free gums and candies that you can eat as well that would be healthier for you.

3. Delaying – If you think you need a cigarette right this second, wait! Build a little self-discipline and wait 10 minutes after you get that craving! After a few times of doing that, increase your wait duration by 5 minutes. Do that a few more times and increase your wait duration by another 5 minutes. See how that works for you. Maybe use that 10 or 5 minutes to chew a gum stick!

4. Exercise and keep busy -The more you stay busy, especially when you are craving a cigarette, the less likely you are to smoke one. Running, jogging, lifting weights, or anything physical is often a great way to keep your mind off things, not to mention it is very healthy for you. This will help prepare your body for the new lifestyle you are about to encompass. Before long, you will be addicted to exercise and not nicotine, and there is nothing wrong with that.

5. Remind yourself your reason(s) for wanting to quit – If things ever get tough, remember why you wanted to quit in the first place! How important are those reasons? Don’t just think of the reasons. Note them somewhere and say them out loud! At the end of reading your list of reasons repeat, “I Will Quit”! You may have many reasons to quit smoking: to feel better, to be healthier, to save money, to reduce the chances of loved ones getting secondhand smoke, to live longer, to please a spouse, etc, etc! Always remind Yourself Why!